The Effects of Abortion

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The Effects of Abortion
Every year in the United States 6 million women become pregnant. Over one million of those women make the decision to have an abortion during various stages of their pregnancy (Healthwise, 2008). There are many reasons that a woman may choose to have an abortion including birth control failure, inability to support or care for the child, or unwanted pregnancy. Some other reasons why a woman may get an abortion may be to avoid having a child with a birth defect or severe medical problems, or the pregnancy may be a health risk for the woman (Healthwise, 2008). Although abortion is a highly controversial topic that can have extreme physical, psychological and social effects that are often viewed in both negative and
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PASS is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder and may occur within a few hours following an abortion, or it may not surface until many years later (Burke, T., & Reardon, D. C., 2002). The process of deciding to have an abortion, experiencing the procedure and living with the grief, pain and regret is certainly traumatic. Some symptoms of PASS include anxiety, survivor’s guilt, depression, thoughts of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, self-punishing or self-degrading behavior. (Burke, T., & Reardon, D. C., 2002). A woman can also feel judged by others after an abortion which can add to the negative thoughts that they have about themselves and their decision.
The common misconception is that the woman is the only one affected from having an abortion. But that would be incorrect, there are other people affected who are involved in this permanent and life changing decision such as the unborn fetus. The fetus’ life is terminated and it will never have the opportunity to experience life. However, the effects don’t just stop at the fetus. The father of the unborn fetus can experience the same psychological feelings as the woman. But unlike the woman, he doesn’t have a legal right to protect his unborn child which could result in him also feeling helpless. Abortion can also affect the woman’s current and future child. The woman’s surviving or future children could experience survivor’s guilt and wonder

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