Essay on The Effects of Advertising

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The Effects of Advertising

Marketers used many different themes and techniques to make sure that children remember and ask for their products. During two hours of Saturday morning programming for children over forty ads are shown for different commodity type products. Various techniques are used to advertise these products and each ad have an underlying message.
Different commodity type products are advertised to children. The ads that we observed fall into the categories of food, health and beauty products, movies and public service announcements. In the category of food items such as, cereal, candies, fruit punch, potato chips, frozen threats, hamburgers, French fries and chicken nuggets are marketed in intriguing and
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Oreo cereal used a news setting to show the importance of their cereal by showing an anchor woman asking a kid, who is so much engage in eating his cereal, his opinion regarding the taste of the cereal and then turning to the cow to ask her opinion. Humor was the intent in this commercial because a cow cannot talk. Most ads over state the size of their products. For example, an ad for Popsicle shows the Popsicle being so big that it goes through the roof of the house. The techniques used were geared towards making a lasting impression on the kids so that they will in turn influence their parents into buying these products for them.
All of the products have an underlying message or theme. Through these ad kids are encouraged to pursue an education, clean their rooms, and expect rewards for good actions. Most of the advertisements also promote socialization and glamour. Chucky Cheese ads start off with a jingle to do your math and clean your room, advocating cleanliness, education, and reward for doing those things because if you do those things then you will get to go to Chucky Cheese where you can have a real good time. The shampoo ad shows children having fun at a park. Some of them were on swings with their beautiful hair (which supposedly resulted from using the shampoo) swaying in the breeze while others were washing their hair with the shampoo and others were roller skating in the air. The underlying message seems to indicate that this is a
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