The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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In the world we live in today, people have quite easy access to things that can corrupt them. These things cloud one’s judgment and coerce people into doing things they should not. Alcohol is one of those things. Alcohol is extremely easy to get ahold of. It can be attained from anywhere; there are bars and liquor stores on every corner. One can get alcohol in grocery stores, gas stations, people can even brew it themselves if they know how. Alcohol that is commonly abused comes in a large variety ranging from weaker alcohols like wine and beer to stronger substances like tequila and vodka. When one abuses alcohol it taints the minds of even the purest souls and then they do things they normally would not do or it brings out their darker …show more content…
This relates to alcohol abuse’s effects on families because when the relationship between the parents is destroyed from violence, the rest of the family falls apart as well. Domestic violence is a huge issue all around the globe; in the United States, alcohol plays a major role in it. While alcohol abuse does not directly cause domestic violence, it definitely contributes. Alcohol may increase the risk and severity of violence in homes where incidents have occurred before (Holtby 2). Since alcohol can affect one’s judgment to a point where they are irritable, angry, violent, or lazy some abusers use alcohol as a form of justification for violence (Bennett 1). Large quantities of alcohol, or any for alcoholics, can make the drinker feel more powerful and controlling than others, which can make an abuser feel the need to begin extending this power and control over their spouse (Bennett 1-2). When all those traits get added into a family unit there is going to be trouble. Either it will be one spouse asking their partner to stop drinking which causes an argument that will eventually escalate into violence, or it will be the alcohol clouding a person’s judgment and then they turn violent towards their spouse. In The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Rex Walls get into a fight that ends with his wife, Rose Mary, being thrown out a window to hang there until Rex lifted her back into the house because he had been drinking and that amplified his aggressiveness. While it’s
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