The Effects of Alcohol on People's Health

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Different researchers have carried out research on the effects of alcohol on people’s health, on people’s attention to different activities and their general well-being. The following are some of the researches that have been carried out by different researchers on factors that affect people’s social attention that may be of importance in carrying out this research. According to Roberts, W., Miller, M. A., Weafer, J., & Fillmore, M. T. (2014), these researchers carried out a research on how alcohol inhibits one’s attention control. These researchers used a group of healthy social drinkers to carry out their research. The healthy social drinkers in this experiment were required to remain attentive in carrying out various tasks by inhibiting different inhibitory factors that affect one’s attention in doing something. It was found that people who drank alcohol heavily were not able to control their social attention. That is, these people were easily distracted by different stimuli especially alcohol-related stimuli. On the other hand, people who used alcohol less often or who did not use it at all were able to control their social attention in doing something. That is, they were not easily distracted by various stimuli. Then Birmingham and Kingstone (2009), researched on social attention and what affects it. These researchers used two groups of adolescents. One group of these adolescents was made of normal and healthy teenagers while the other group was made of adolescents with
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