The Effects of Ancient Egyptian Burial Sites on the World Today

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Looking at the Ancient Egyptian culture, when Egypt was still young, but rapidly growing, the belief in the afterlife was common knowledge and was unchallenged for many centuries. Due to the wealth that the king and queen displayed, the average citizen was not able to compare to them. The kings were buried with a great deal of material wealth, which was intended to help them in their journey into the afterlife. The wealth was represented in a variety of carvings and materials. From the most common cup to gold chariots, the material wealth leaves no doubt that the components are important to the understanding of the Ancient Egyptian culture that is shown in the tombs of Khufu, Khafre, and Menakure. These kings built pyramids to hold all of…show more content…
Cater Howard describes what he found in the entrance of the tomb that he discovered. Inside, there were chariots, benches, rugs, cups, plates, and other items of value, but one of the most interesting pieces of Egyptian culture is their jewelry. The jewelry that Egyptians wore was ostentatious, and it displayed the wealth that the individual person had obtained throughout their lifetime. There was one particular piece that was discovered in the tomb of princess Sithathoriunet. It was a small hand mirror. The mirror has a think silver disk with a black obsidian handle that is in the shape of an open papyrus plant. Hathor is portrayed on the handle, and her ears being that of a cow, representing her nurturing role. The mirror is double faced and both sides are identical. The neck has four rings that are inlaid with stone, faience, and carnelian. The stem of the plant has granulation work on it (Oakes and Gahlin 58). This is just a small example of the riches that were buried with the queens. The kings were also buried with jewelry, but it differs from the queens, being more masculine then feminine. Egyptians believed in the philosophy that bountiful wealth buried with the dead would give them higher respect than the poor in the afterlife. The kings themselves were buried with war-like materials, such as chariots, bows, arrows, swords, lances, maces and other instruments as

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