The Effects of Bullying, Especially on LGBT Youth

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In America there are a lot of problems that don’t get full attention from people in power. One of the problems that are affecting the youth as well as adults is bullying. To find out more about this issue I will be looking into six articles that explain what bullying is, who is affected by bullying, the effect on LGBT children and what can be done to solve the problem of bullying. On this paper first, I will talk about what bullying is and the history of it. Second, I will talk about policies that exist regarding bullying, and how it affects LGBT families. Finally, I will talk about programs that help prevent bullying. According to Greene (2006)” Research on bullying in schools has increased geometrically since the first pioneering studies in Scandinavia in the late 1970s” (P.64). From there on bullying has become an international issue that can’t be ignored. To deal with bullying it requires different stake holders to participate together. “Bullying is generally considered to be the most pervasive form of aggression in schools, and as such, has attracted increasing international attention from educators, parents, psychologists, social workers, legislators, the press , and researchers” ( Greene, p, 65). This shows that bullying is not only America’s problem; other countries are dealing with the same problem as in America. As Greene (2006) puts it “research in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia has provided a great deal of information- though not altogether
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