The Effects of Bullying Essay

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The dictionary definition of bullying is, “a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people”("Bullying") . To many, it is more than a definition in a dictionary, it is a lifestyle. Unfortunately, an opposite lifestyle is lived by more than seventy-five percent of students across the country, the life of being bullied. Hundreds and thousands of children dread opening their computer or going to school because they know what awaits them. Cruel comments, physical harm, and humiliation. Bullies are able to use many tactics to push their victims past the breaking point. They will use the victim's social status and deviance, to label them and disconnect them from their in-groups until it seems like they …show more content…
(Pearce, A.7)
Sociologist ask many questions that could hold the answer to how a society can put an end to bullying and it’s harmful effects. One of the five basic questions of sociology is the following, how do groups influence individual human behavior? Taking a look at this question, one can see how this can pertain directly to bullying and suicide. Social groups can have a great influence on an individual’s behavior, especially for young people. Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging and to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. A social Group involves some type of interaction, a sense of belonging, of membership, shared interests or agreement on values, norms, and goals. Throughout a persons young life, they will be involved with several social groups. Some will be in-groups, which are social groups that people feel a sense of belonging, share a consciousness of kind, share a common fate, adhere to a common ideology, or come from a common background. On the other hand, an out-group is a group to which people feel they do not belong, they do not share a consciousness of kind, and they feel little identity. If an individual is being bullied, it will often be by an out-group. This out-group will make the individual feel like they are weird or different, however, by becoming a part of a reference
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