The Effects of Bullying in Students

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THE EFFECTS OF BULLYING TO THE SECOND YEAR STUDENTS OF TAGOLOAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL SY: 2014-2015 by: Fernandez, Dimple A. Besa, Lindsay Q. Canoy, Richel Mae V. Dael, Bema A. Damiles, Jewel D. Parlocha, Michelle B. Pil, Riza Jane A. Introduction Bullying is the act to threat a weaker being to make them do something and hurt them emotionally or physically which later on affects a victim’s everyday life. From the looks of it, some students, especially those who are victims may have not seen the end of their situation yet. Some studies today found out that most students in grade school and high school have experienced different forms of bullying either from their peers or from their teachers in actual like…show more content…
Parents, teachers and even the students are alarmed and worried because the number of this certain problem have outgrown every single day. Some may have been suffering in this kind of situation from time to time that not even one of us notice. How will we find out that a person is a victim of bullying? What could be the possible reason why some kids grow up to be bullies? What are short and long-time effects of bullying in the psyche of both in bullied and bully kids? What could be the nature of this problem that some schools are facing? Why is bullying prevalent in our society? As researchers, we also want to know the answers to this problem and its all out effects to the society itself. Methodology Our team decided to find answers with these problems by conducting a research about this certain situation’s role in a community where a student takes part. A research must be systematic or orderly and sequential to procure a study’s exact goal and purpose. In presenting a problem, the reason why the study is conducted must be included. Since a research must be controlled, researchers must conduct field study and Observations after presenting a problem to test hypothesis and assumptions. Notes/permits and some necessary letters need to be implored in the study as a procedure. Since researchers chose primary data, some individuals or an entire section of class
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