The Effects of Bullying on Children

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The act of bullying or the fear of being bullied underlies almost everything kids do these days. No longer can students leave the gossip and self-doubt at school and go home for an overnight respite. Now, with internet connections thorough cell phones or computers, they never get a break from the drama. Research indicates that bullying can have some long term psychological effects. Since psychological abuse leaves no visible scars for the world to see, it is often cast aside as being minor and unimportant. Neuroscientists have been conducting studies to measure the effects of this trauma on the development of the brain. These effects are discussed in “Inside the Bullied Brain: The Alarming Neuroscience of Taunting”, an article written by Emily Anthes. Research mentioned in this article found that those with a history of mental abuse reported greater levels of depression and anxiety later on in life and also elicited lower scores on tests of verbal memory. While there are still a few areas that are a bit unclear about whether or not the problems that seem to be cause by verbal abuse aren’t cause by another factor, as well as the severity of the damage…
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