Essay about The Effects of CO2 in Climate Change

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When discussing the topic of climate change, it is essential to begin with a brief definition of climate change to know exactly what it is. Anup Shah of defines climate change as “an increase in average global temperatures…caused by the increase in greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Dioxide, or CO2” (Shah, 2014). This process, of course, is global warming which, in turn, leads to climate change. Although climate change is considered one of the most significant threats facing the world today, there are many groups doing what they can to assist in slowing the climate change process or potentially halt it all together. This process, however, can be challenging as there are issues that stand as barriers that we as nations and …show more content…
Many of the aforementioned gasses are naturally produced, however all of them in large quantities produce this “greenhouse effect” in turn “trap” heat in the atmosphere contributing to the warming temperatures and fluctuations in weather patterns. These effects are the results on a global scale. The effects of climate change are already being seen in our current environment. These effects include “shrinking glaciers, ice on rivers and lakes breaking up earlier, shifting plant and animal ranges and trees flowering sooner. In past years, scientists have predicted various occurrences and many of these predictions have come to fruition (Jenkins, 2013). The most sensible way to reduce these greenhouse gases is the transition to more acceptable “alternative forms of energy such as nuclear, solar and wind (The global climate, 2013). In addition, the development of more advanced technologies and will decrease the effects of carbon emissions. The one aspect that could be seen as unfortunate is the requirement for changes essential to implement such technological development. There are up to twenty countries that account for the majority of global emissions. These countries account for approximately 75 percent of the overall emissions, however there is no one country that accounts for greater than 26 percent (The global climate, 2013).
This process of greenhouse gas eliminations is a timely and expensive one, but there are numerous countries working on cutting greenhouse gas
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