The Effects of Cellular Phones on the Study Habits of Students

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THE EFFECTS OF CELLULAR PHONES ON THE STUDY HABITS OF STUDENTS OF DIVINE LIGHT ACADEMY-LAS PINAS AS PERCEIVED BY THE 4th YEAR STUDENTS BATCH 2010-2011 A Thesis Presented to the High School Faculty of the Divine Light Academy In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Subject Research IV by: Fourth Year Prosperity Group 2 Leader: Jolo Sore Members: Kirsty Ducay Trish Quintana Jamille Tavares Priscilla Chacon Mark Leus CS del Rosario Divine Light Academy Las Pinas City English Department Approval Sheet In fulfillment of the requirements for the subject Research IV, this thesis entitled: The Effects of Cellular Phones on the Study Habits of Students of…show more content…
Some of the reasons why students are addicted in using their cellular phones are because it’s an easy way of communicating and it has cool applications for entertainment. This things can bring negative and positive benefits on students which we will study on. We came up on different ideas because each of us has different understanding of the effects of cellular phones in our daily lives. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank the following people who helped and inspired us in doing this thesis:  Ma’am Milette Baygan, for her guidance and for her kindness in helping us in our research and for her patience that helped us finish our thesis.  Ma’am Marizel Pinpin - Autor, for being a good and helpful adviser in our thesis.  Our parents, for giving and supporting us in our work.  Selected Fourth year high school students of Divine Light Academy Las Pinas, for being cooperative and honest in answering our sample questionnaires.  God, without Him, we would not be able to finish and pass this thesis and wouldn’t have the knowledge to do it. DEDICATION We would also like to dedicate this thesis to those students who are affected by their addiction on their cellular phones and because of this addiction their studies and lifestyle are affected. And last but not the least; we would like to dedicate this
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