The Effects of Changing Family Structures on the Children

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Many families today suffer from a separation between the parental figures. The reason for the separation hardly matters. However, the separation will always have an effect on the children of the family. Personally, I went through a family separation when my parents decided to separate and I found that what mostly affected my younger sibling and I was not the absence of my father, but the instability that came with his absence. The argument, “Are Fathers Necessary for a Child’s Well-Being?” can be examined more closely today with the rise in family separations. With the evidence I have collected, and my own personal experiences, I stand for the side that disagrees that fathers are necessary for a child’s well-being. Some of the issues that are encompassed by this larger issue need to be considered as well. For example: the difference between family structure and family stability, can certain family structures affect some children but not others, is one sex naturally better at parenting than the other, are there essential characteristics of fathering and mothering, and is having a parent of each sex necessary. Family structure has recently been changed due to the break from traditional views on women and marriage. Children born out of wedlock has become much more common and as a result, so has single parenting. Unmarried families are labeled, “fragile families”. “The Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study is a new data set that follows a cohort of approximately 5,000
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