The Effects of Color and Light on Your Mood Essay

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When I was younger and felt “under the weather” or was having a bad day, my mother always used to kick me to the outdoors and tell me to soak up some sun. I always thought that it was all mumbo jumbo, the sun can not really have an effect on my mood, can it? As a young child I thought it was a myth, just another way for my mother to subtly tell me to stop moping around the house and get me out into the fresh air. Come to find out, her words of wisdom were true, the sun really does have an impact on your mood! Have you ever felt like you were walking on sunshine, and nothing could get you down? Or have you ever needed more than just a couple of pushes on the snooze button yet still to wake up and find yourself in a bad mood already, only …show more content…
Mazzarini, Dan et al. (1-2) found that color had a remarkable result on the overall “pleasantness” of the workplace. Conducting several experiments, they found that people who worked in a red office atmosphere felt more anxiety and stress contrary to working in a blue office atmosphere where they felt more depressed and gloomy (Schatz , and Bowers 25). Schatz and Bowers say this might be because of some color literature that states the color red is “inherently angry, passionate, or aggressive.” This means when people see this color their mind assumes the color with the emotion which might explain why people working in red offices were more agitated. A problem with these studies might be age, though, because it seems that younger children tend to prefer warmer colors like red and orange over lighter colors that are more approved by adults (Schatz, and Bowers 21). There are also some methodological problems that exist in color research, too, because of different cultures economic, social, and historical color traditions or backgrounds. For example, contrary to America, who wear black when they are in mourning, China wears the color white (Schatz, and Bowers 23). A profuse area of research also has to deal with Baker-Miller pink. Quite a few studies have demonstrated that revelation
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