The Effects of Concussions on Human Beings

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The Effects of Concussions on Human Beings. Did you know, that someone suffers from a brain injury every 21 seconds (Haas)? Children get concussions all the time, and most of the time they go unnoticed. The majority of concussions happen when one is playing a sport such as football, hockey, or lacrosse. Many famous athletes have had their careers, even their lives cut short due to concussions. Brain damage and death can result from serial concussions (Schafer). When one suffers from a concussion, one’s brain needs time to recover physically and mentally. Between 2002 and 2006, statistics showed that 52,000 people died from concussions and about 275,000 were hospitalized (Fundukian). Everyone’s recovery process is different (“Injury and…show more content…
There are two main long term effects of a concussion: post concussion syndrome and second-impact syndrome. Second-impact syndrome is when one receives a blow to the head before the brain is completely healed. This results in swelling of the brain, and that can result in a fatal death. The main reason that people suffer from this is they do not get the proper amount of rest that they need before they go back and play whatever sport they were playing. Since 1984, more than twenty people have died from second-impact syndrome (Caroline M, et al.). Anyone who receives a second concussion that is moderate to severe after they have had a first one should sit out from their sport for at least a month to avoid second-impact syndrome. Second-impact syndrome seems to be rare with patients, but the chance of getting second-impact syndrome is higher in people who play football, soccer, baseball, or basketball, and ski or who box. Another more common long-term effect of a concussion is post-concussion syndrome. Post-concussion syndrome is a side effect of a concussion, and it may last for weeks or even months. Athletes who suffer from this side effect must not return to sports while experiencing the symptoms. If one constantly gets concussions while playing this sport, they should consider not playing that sport for a while. Symptoms of postconcussive syndrome include memory and concentration problems,
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