The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) in Construction, Real Estate and Related Industries

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Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Social Necessity? Evaluation of the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in construction, real estate and related industries and analyzing the marketing strategy of the company ‘ENKA’ upon its level of commitment to CSR. For: CEM Assignments Office Date: 27/02/2013 From: Deniz Berkan Unsal Moscow, Russian Federation

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Question 1: Discussing the issues involved in CSR, and giving examples illustrating the benefits and limitations of making a commitment to CSR from the point of view of organizations in the construction, real estate and related industries.


Question 2: Stating the level of commitment the company ENKA has made to
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In addition to this, corporate commitment to health, safety and environment (HSE) issues such as zero accident policy within construction and real estate projects can also be considered as a part of CSR. Furthermore, construction and real estate industries recently have started to give place to social issues such as giving support to education, being sponsor for sports and cultural activities, besides environmental issues in their CSR policies in order to gain more reputation in the public aspect. First of all in environmental aspect, companies should be responsible not only to their stakeholders or clients but also to the society which they work in because society is directly influenced from environmental impacts. In construction and real estate industry, organizations frequently prove their commitment to environmental responsibility by environmental management certificates, which are given by independent certification institutions such as British Standards Institution (BSI). For instance, a construction based company can clearly declare that the company is aware of environmental impacts which may cause from its activities and will try to eliminate or at least minimize them, with its BSI certificate of Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2004. Moreover, such certificates that are taken from prestigious institutions, are not only tangible evidences for the company’s commitment to CSR, but also provides a major advantage in project

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