The Effects of Creatine on Athletes' Bodies Essay examples

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The Effects of Creatine on Athletes' Bodies

From a very early age sports are introduced upon both young boys and girls. Although it begins with sportsmanship and teamwork, it begins to evolve into new objectives when these young athletes enter high school. In fact, high school sports are vastly different. Your mind is trained to obliterate the opponent and win at all costs. This mentality can often lead many young athletes to turn to supplements to assist in muscle building. The most common supplement in use currently is Creatine. While athletic departments and sports nutrition stores claim that it is harmless, why do so many high school athletes end up with severe muscular and pulmonary damage? The answer has yet to be clearly
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The human body will generate half of all needed creatine and ATP on a daily basis. The remaining half is produced from the food that we consume. What this means is that we naturally accumulate almost 100% of the needed energy on a daily basis. When these young athletes now add another 5-15%, the body may undergo some changes or side affects. According to the American College Of Sports Medicine, creatine is not recommended for athletes that work out in heated areas or warm climates. Furthermore, they also warn that adolescents have a much greater risk of damaging their internal organs than adults with a similar level of health. These warnings should serve as a red flag for parents who willingly allow their student athletes to consume creatine as a dietary supplement. In fact, if athletes or parents researched this product they would find that it is not currently regulated by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). Meanwhile athletic departments all over this country purposely influence athletes to participate in the use of this drug, all in the name of winning. Sadly, high school sports has turned into a method of financial dependency by fiscally strapped public school systems. In fact, these school systems put pressure on high school athletic associations to allow athletes to experiment with these supplements that are not regulated or controlled. People are still under the assumption that Creatine is safe because it is sold over the counter.
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