Day Care On Children's Cognitive And Social Development

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The Effects of Day Care on Children's Cognitive and Social Development What is day care? According to Scarr (1998) day care is the non-maternal care of children who reside with parents/guardians. There are two types of day-care, 'out of home' (including Crèches, day nurseries and childminders) and 'in the home' (including nannies and non-residential grandparents). Today, a lot of mothers of infants under 12 ¾ months need to put their children in day care so that they can go out to work. But some people believe that day care can be harmful for children because it could interfere with their attachments. Bowlby (1951) said that 'mother love in infancy is as important for mental health as…show more content…
If the day care is good quality then children can benefit from it. Bowlby says that if a child's mother goes to work then the child will experience deprivation (loss/separation) but if the mother goes to work during the child's first year then an attachment might not develop casing privation (lack/absence). If the child does experience deprivation then they could become extremely distressed and will go through Protest, Despair and Detachment. But Belsky and Rovine (1988) say that children aren't at risk of developing an insure or no attachment unless they are being left at least four months before their first birthday and for more than 20 hours a week. However, Clarke-Stewart argues that Belsky and Rovine
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