The Effects of Discrimination and Racism in Skin Pigmentocracy

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Color discrimination is defined as a human being of the same race are treated differently based on their skin pigmentation, complexion, or skin tone. Your skin is made to bear the blame for the guilt, time, history, and death. There are numerous pigmentocracies throughout the world, and variability the light-skinned people in which are determined to have the highest social status. These are then followed by the brown-skinned, who occupy intermediate positions, and finally by the black-skinned who are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. This discrimination is found all over the world, especially in the Caribbean and Latin America in which it is most evident: (Lynn, 26).
“The Ancient Egyptians, in their painted sculptures and wall
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He always has been and will be a dictator from adolesence to old age. Growing up Castro had the advantages of ordering around slaves. “He knew the ultimate joys of childhood—he could do precisely what he wanted” (Quirk, 3). He played with the uneducated black children and spends his time with them in their huts eating their “staple” food. “Because of his fathers influence, he explained, “everyone lavished attention on me, flattered and treated me differently from the other children” (Quirk, 4). “In 1937 an African American Congressman Arthur Mitchell was refused admission to one of the best hotels in Havana. Public schools were open to all, but many whites sent their children to private schools that were largely or exclusively white” (Lynn, 34).
The Cuban government encouraged “Whitening” and immigration from Europe in order to whiten the population. Cuba’s educational system consisted primarily of dreary public schools and “extravagant” private academies that were designated as Whites only.
This all came to an end when the young lawyer, Fidel Castro led a small crowd of revolutionaries that toppled the United States government in 1959. After sweeping into power as a nationalist, Castro soon announced the Marxist character of the revolution. Castro had also announced an end to discrimination on the
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