The Effects of Divorce on Children

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The child whom is now part of a divorced family has to face a change in their life. It can undermine their child’s sense of security and stability, because the two people whom the child was the most dependent on are now being split up and are no longer living with one another and thus leading to separation of time spent with the child from each parent, regardless of the custody settlement that is reached. The foundation of the child’s world is damaged and changed. The best thing for a child who has divorced parents would be for the parents to not be hostile with one another and for both parents to spend shared and equal amount of time with the child. Also that both parents stay active in the child’s day-to-day life and routine. This means that there has to be good communication amongst the parents. If the child is raised in these conditions, then a divorce will not have a heavy effect on them and it can increase the potential for the child to develop a strong relationship with both parents. However, these conditions are extremely hard to meet if one of the parents decides to relocate. Relocation can be seen as a distance between the noncustodial/nonresidential parent and the custodial parent and child. When a divorced parent relocates, it makes it a lot harder for the non-relocating parent to see the child, if the child moves with the relocating parent. Not only does moving effect the…
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