The Effects of Domestic Terrorism

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Domestic terrorism has played a major part in shaping the societies of the United States. The ideologies of individuals can become radicalized. This can lead to a movement. This movement involves the infliction of fear upon the communities, in attempt to make it a better world. It is critical to examine the events created by one man’s extreme ideologies in effort to better understand.
Eric Robert Rudolph seemed to be the typical American. He joined the United States Army. After serving about two years he was discharged. He began working as a carpenter within his community. Eventually he became immersed within Christian Identity movements and anti-Semitic ideologies. “Identity believers are fiercely opposed to race-mixing, abortion
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government. Thus, his first target would be a trap with the next bomb increasing the possibility of those injured and killed from the explosion. It was a double victory for each terrorizing attack that Rudolph created because, each attack was really two attempts at destruction within one.
Rudolph seemed to be targeting the emergency responders’ who would be called to help those injured from the first explosion. The idea that at the locations of the attacks another bomb had been placed with a delayed detonation is alarming. It is the evidence needed to support that idea that Rudolph wanted to continue to hurt the innocent. The first explosion was to stop the activities from occurring. The second bomb was to act out aggression towards those emergency responders. These emergency responders were an extension of the U.S. government that was to him endorsing these secular activities. Therefore, the first people to respond were also targeted because they were stopping his destruction of the evil actions happening.
Investigators were unsure of the whereabouts of Rudolph. It is believed that he eluded authorities by living in the mountains of western North Carolina. Rudolph survived in the wilderness alone for five years. The only thing that kept him company was the detestation for the U.S. government. That animosity was towards the U.S. government for their supposed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual ideology (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
In the
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