The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Essay

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Throughout the course of one’s lifetime, there are countless events that shape the personality, actions and mentality of that individual. Some of these events will affect the individual in a positive way allowing great life opportunities, while other events will unfortunately affect the individual in a negative way which can lead to disorders. Among the various events that can affect a person, one of the most common occurrences that some children witness early on in their lives that deeply affect their long-term mental health is being a witness to domestic violence. Research and observations that were studied revealed that there are multiple factors that can contribute to a child witnessing domestic violence. The more categories that the …show more content…
In order to conduct the research, twenty-nine children and their families were selected from 426 different areas within England, Wales and Scotland. Some parents refused to take part in the research, while 76% agreed to be interviewed (Meltzer et al. 2009). The research that was organized determined that the violence affects different age groups and sexes in different ways. Through this article, we learn that infants who experience domestic violence have trouble sleeping and eating, while older children develop a change in behavior and anxiety (McFarlane et al. 2003; Hornor, 2005). Boys who experience violence in the home tend to be more aggressive and disobedient. While on the other hand, girls who experience violence in the home tend to be more introverted and depressed. Nonetheless, both genders are impacted negatively by domestic violence. The article also talks about different traumatic situations that a child experiences that can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aside from being a witness to domestic violence. These other incidents include being kidnapped, witnessing a death in the family, serious accidents and being physically or sexually abused themselves (Meltzer et al., 2009). Along with that, the factors that are intertwined with the abuse, which lead to the likelihood of a child being exposed to the violence were: [Children in an] older age group, mixed ethnicity, the presence of [a] physical disorder, four or more children less
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