The Effects of Dynasties

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Three main dynasties that affected Chinese heritage, culture, economy and society were the Sui, Tang and Song dynasties. Each of these dynasties were significant into further building and creating China. Two out of three succeeded. Sui Dynasty was the second shortest dynasty, lasted only 38 years. The Tang Dynasty lasted almost 300 years and helped continue to improve China based on the results of the Sui Dynasty. The Song Dynasty followed after lasting only a few years because there was too much to do in order to fix the ruins from the downfall of the Tang Dynasty. The Sui Dynasty began in 581 and ended in 618. During the 38 years it lasted there were three different emperors who all made significant changes. After the tyrannical…show more content…
Economically the Tang dynasty also implemented an equal distribution system in order to increase taxes, and production, while ensuring the livelihood of the working families. Under this particular system the government would distribute similar portions of farmland to all qualifying males until they reached the retirement age of sixty. Socially, the government was in favor of the people doing a lot to take care of them and ensure their livelihood so the people remained at peace until religion got involved which eventually caused the downfall of their dynasty. The Song Dynasty began in 960 and ended in 1270. During the period it lasted, it didn’t mount up to the previous two dynasties. The Sung rulers of that time encountered more problems than the previous rulers of their dynasties. After the downfall of the Tang Dynasty rebuilding it was too difficult which made the Song Dynasty non long lasting. Socially, politically and economically the dynasty was an epic fail. Rebuilding it was too difficult and the people remained unhappy making the Song Dynasty an unpleasant era. Each of the three dynasties affected China differently. The Sui Dynasty set it off with their new form of government and expansion in the skill industry. After the second tyranny emperor stepped down and the new one stepped up,
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