The Effects of Family Background on Children’s Academic Performance

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1.1 Background of the Study
In African society, education is important and highly valued. Through education children learn specific skills, such as literacy and quantitative abilities, that aid in their development into functional adults. Furthermore, adequately acquiring these skills during childhood and adolescence can lead to a successful future as adults. Strong reading and mathematics skills are essential for occupational success in contemporary Africa and for that matter Ghana. According to Meece, Eccles, and Wigfield (1990), due to society’s rapid technological advances, employers are seeking applicants with strong skills which are
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Coleman (1988) introduced a third factor named social capital which, as an intermediary factor, facilitates or enhances the effects of economic and cultural capitals. The family background constitutes its social capital which refers to the quality of relationships between children and parents, such as the amount of time that parents spend on their children's academic work or that whether and to what extent, parents encourage their children to do their homework or be academically ambitious. This issue of social capital seems not to have received much attention and its impact on children education in the Fiapre community is worth researching.
The particular point of interest here is the question of whether family background involvement (in all or any of its form) is implicated. Systematic research on family background involvement, much, if not most, of the research on this technically flawed. There has been a characteristic failure to take account of many influences on achievement. Family involvement is strongly related to socio-economic status (especially as measured by maternal education).

1.3 Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to determining the effect of family background on children’s academic performance in Fiapre. To address this, the specific objectives seek to: 1. Unearth the parental support children receive from parents for education in Fiapre. 2. Determine whether both
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