Essay about The Effects of Geography on the US

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Geography is an incredibly important part of the development of all countries. Geography, however is a very broad topic; it includes several things such as climate, physical features, size, and natural resources. Often times, events in history are caused or affected by these factors. They can, even further, cause lasting economic, social, and even political effects. Two examples of this is in America are, the devastating, hurricane Katrina, and the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was a huge part of American history, and was a huge geographically influenced decision. In 1762, Louisiana was claimed as a colony by Spain. Over the next several decades the rights to this area would be bounced back and fourth between Napoleon, …show more content…
He decided that the whole plot of land was useless to him after Haiti revolted successfully. The united states by this point had made it clear that they wanted to buy New Orleans through treaty for about $10 million. This was an extremely important concept to America. Tomas Jefferson, the president at the time was a strict interpreter of the constitution. At a federal level, there was no way to purchase land, and it, he felt, would make less of state power. At the time there were two rivaling political powers, federalists and anti-federalists. They debated the power of the countries power versus the power of the states individually. As a strict constitutionalist he had a very hard decision to make: Go to war with France to remove the possibility of France waging war in the future, or allow the Europeans to stay and risk the safety and economy. There was a huge amount of civil unrest caused by this. Americans thought that Jefferson was being a hypocrite because this acquisition would go against his campaigns message. A present metaphor would be that McCain pulled out of the middle east immediately after gaining office had he won. Slavery was also a concern. Even more importantly was the question that burned in even Jefferson’s mind. Was is constitutional? Jefferson in the end sacrificed his own beliefs on the altar of America’s safety. This Largely paid off because when Napoleon offered the WHOLE territory for only an additional $5 million. Jefferson, seeing the
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