The Effects of Globalization on US Society and Economy Essay

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The world we live in today is going through enormous changes in economics, technology, culture, politics, etc. The effects of the changes are not so clear, since it is hard to predict how each sector would affect the other and how society will be affected. However, analyzing past and present occurrences provides some information for experts to interpret society’s reaction in the future to different transformations. Globalization can be seen as a process in which societies around the world come together and expand through the combination of different forces. This paper will explore the effects of globalization on US companies, US society and economy, and the implications for other countries in the post-industrial world.…show more content…
These forces are the direct result of advanced technology. Moreover, the forces were made possible thanks to the World Wide Web (which is another force Friedman mentions). Technology and Internet are the real reasons our world became flat, and the reason the above flattener forces evolved. Companies, groups, and individuals – all connected together to form one global village. US companies started to outsource the back rooms of accounting firms and forwarding Dell customers to the 24/7 call center located in India. US companies were able to reduce cost, while making India a “customer service nation” and China a “low labor cost nation”.

Implications of a Flat World
US and other developed countries have moved their production structures from agriculture to industry to services. Once reaching a peak, US employment has started to decline. The continued progress in manufacturing and productivity, income growth, and international outsourcing brought the US economy to a tough position in the post-industrial world: while manufacturing plant investment abroad has continued, many engineers in the US lost their positions. The decline in research contribution by US industry ”raises questions about implications for the future of US competitiveness in international markets and for the future existence of highly skilled jobs at home” (National Science Board, 2008).
But free trade and globalization have their benefits as well. The theory of
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