The Effects of Globalization on the Phillipines and India Essay

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The Effects of Globalization on the Philippines and India
Lloyd Wood

In this paper the author will briefly look at the globalization of two nations, the Philippines and India. We will look at each country before globalization, the turning point where globalization began for each nation, and finally the effects of globalization on each country. This writer believes it can be successfully argued that the globalization of each country has improved the overall standard of living in each country. We will also look at the positive and the negative effects globalization has brought to each nation.
Globalization In The Philippines
The Philippines Before Globalization Throughout the last century the
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Now at 9 in the evening the city was busy as young workers were in the streets heading to their jobs to start their work shifts at call centers, answering calls 9 PM to 5 AM from international markets. Service sectors have helped the economy grow up to 5% yearly and expects the number of jobs to rise to between 800,000- 1,000,000 from a base of 250,000 (Llitoro 2007)..
Some Filipinos Many felt the Philippines were negatively impacted by globalization. Indigenous people such as local farmers with small plots of land could not meet the demands of globalized agriculture and lost or sold their family land to large farming corporations or mining companies looking for the mineral deposits underneath their land. Farmers were forced to move to urban areas to look for work or live in poverty. Since globalization had taken place agricultural jobs dropped from a third to a fifth of the nation's GDP (Sibal 2010). These families have none of the education, technical, or computers skills needed to make a living in a global economy. One can easily imagine how the loss of family land, work, the movement of people who have lived in the same area for generations have caused some discontent. Some religious groups such as Muslims whose numbers and influence are growing on the Philippines are increasingly unhappy being under Filipino rule. They are displeased with the moral liberalization that is inevitable when
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