The Effects of Homlessness Essay

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Families that become homeless endure countless moves between friends and realatives homes trying to stay together. they are moved into shelters where ultimately they end up separated and children are put into foster care, this separation only adds to the agony which latter leads to these children in turn ending up homeless as adults. do to emotional and behavior issues stemming from childhood Homeless children and families suffer many hardships such as poor health and increased sickness. many of these homeless children are poorly educated and have developmental delays as well as emotional problems. homeless children have a higher rate of learning disabilities than children that are not homeless and sadly these homeless children and their…show more content…
(Rog, PhD, Westat,MD, and Buckner, PhD .WEB) The separation of Homeless families is heartbreaking for children and their parents. homeless families without relatives or friends to take them in are left with no choice but overcrowded chaotic shelters. many of these homeless families are split up into separate places, their children are sent into foster care due regulations and overcrowding. many families feel the foster care system takes advantage of the homeless children and parents it is said that at least one fifth of the homeless children have been separated from their families at some point. The link between homelessness and foster care placement, this was researched and clearly shows that children in foster care could return home if their parents had access to housing. a large percentage of the homeless adults were themselves as children sucked into the foster care pit, had a group home, or any other setting at some point during their childhood. this clearly shows a link between foster care and homelessness. seeing that parents with a childhood foster care background are more likely to become homeless, and at a very early age. foster care children are more likely to become homeless than children that have no foster care background. (Child Welfare League of America: Practice Areas: Housing and Homelessness: Publications and Reports: The Links Between Child Welfare amd
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