The Effects of Industrial Pollution

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Even though industrial pollution is known as the main cause of the warming in the Arctic region. There are many effects that industrial pollution has on us as a whole. Global warming is one of the most serious consequences of industrial pollution. This is due to the amount of greenhouse gases such as C02, Methane, among multiple industries. In results of this, it will show an increase in the overall temperature of the earth. (Steiner, 2012) There are hazards that have been created by global warming, which effect both environment and human health. (The Effects of Industrial Pollution) Some of the effects global warming has on the environment are melting glaciers, and snow-capped mountains, which are causing an increase of water levels in seas, and rivers, which could create a flood. Some of the health risks that global warming includes on humans is an increase of many diseases, which include, Lyme disease, plague, and cholera. (causes and effects of industrial pollution) Industrial Pollution it has an effect on the wildlife gives many animals that live in the arctic fewer hunting opportunities and there will be an increase of shortage in food. As population size is decreasing, sea platforms are moving further apart and the swimming conditions are becoming more dangerous. (Polar Bears have the highest level of toxics pullutants of anyother creature , 2010) One of the…
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