The Effects of Industrialization on Norway’s Economy, Environment and Population

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The Effects of Industrialization on Norway’s Economy, Environment and Population

Up until the beginning of the twentieth century, Norwegians were primarily fisherman and farmers. The fishing industry has been the basis of life and culture in
Norway for hundreds of years. The fishing industry is still very important in Norway, however the discovery of oil in the North Sea has had a huge impact on the Norwegian economy and culture. Oil discoveries in the North Sea have made Norway a wealthy nation. Since the discovery of oil, Norway has become a highly industrialized country.
Today, Norway has become very modern and technologically advanced. Industrialization is defined as, “ To develop industry in (a country or society, for
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Today, Norway’s population has grown to 4,455,707. Even though they have grown, they are still far from overcrowded. Norway has the lowest population density in Europe with 12 persons per square kilometer [6]. Norway’s population is growing very slowly, with an annual rate increase of only 3.7% in the year 2000 [6]. The population growth is due in part to immigration and low mortality rates. However, factors such as low birth rates have kept the population from exploding.

Immigrants accounted for forty-eight percent of the population growth in Norway between 1986 and 1996 [5]. During that ten-year period, Norway’s immigrant population increased 100,400 [5]. In 1996, the immigrant population was 223,800 and equaled 5.1% of the population. Swedes account for the largest portion of foreigners in Norway [8]. In
1998 there were 24,000 Swedish citizens living in Norway, double the number in 1993
[8]. Norway does attempt to limit the number of foreigners that move to their country.
Work permits are limited and highly regulated. Norwegians have typically had a negative attitude toward immigrants. In recent years, many Norwegians have felt that immigrants threaten their nationality, commit more crime, and steal their jobs [9]. This negative attitude toward immigrants has improved slightly, however Norway still has
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