The Effects of Islamaphobia

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Islam is one of the fastest growing religions around the world. Some, however, find this frightening and have let this fear be the result of unjust acts. This is problematic because not only does it threaten the lives of 55 Million Americans but it disrespects them and disrespects the many Muslims who have contributed greatly to the United States. On the tragic date of September 11th 2001, a group of inhumane people carried out an attack on the World Trade Centre killing three-thousand innocent lives in order to defend the religion of Islam. This sparked the phobia of Muslims in the hearts of many. Islamophobia is a form of discrimination because it promotes prejudicial treatment, intolerance and hatred to those who follow the religion of Islam. The works of Islamophobia dates back to as early as the crusades. Formed especially with the efforts of Byzantine Empire and Roman Church using religious sentiments against the progression of Turks, thousands of innocent Muslims were killed in purpose of taking their holy lands (Said, 2011). It has promoted prejudicial treatment through the media since the early 19th century influencing viewers of the media’s corrupt understanding. In WWE the Iron Sheik was a character who represented an outlandish Middle Eastern, anti-American stereotype. He would on a regular basis attack all American characters like Sergeant Slaughter and Hulk Hogan (Diaz, 2011). Negative portraits of Arabs are also found in numerous popular films such as
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