The Effects of Juvenile Diabetes on Children

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THE EFFECTS OF JUVENILE DIABETES IN CHILDREN Submitted by Jonah de Vera Johanna Marie Nicolas Business Department Assumption College San Lorenzo Village, Makati March 6, 2008 I. Introduction Diabetes was known way back by physicians of Ancient Greece and named as such and means “siphon” in Greek and was not as spectacular as it is now. Doctors and scientists think diabetes may be caused by viruses, genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise. Diabetes is one of the major leading causes of death in the Philippines. In 2002, it was the 6th leading cause of death in the United State alone. It cost US $ 132 billion per year for direct and indirect costs on the part of the…show more content…
2. To study the different emotions involved in having Juvenile diabetes and how to cope with it. 3. To give proper ways of treatment and management of Juvenile diabetes in children. A. Significance of the Study Each individual is unique. No man is an island. It doesn’t mean that we have a disorder or disease; we would be different from other people. Diabetes is a serious disease and is very alarming. The significance of this study is to open the minds of the people that children with Juvenile diabetes needs more love, care and attention than any other material things in this world. Not only should Juvenile diabetes be given attention but also other diseases as well. The researchers wanted to have a better understanding of the emotional state of the children with Juvenile diabetes and that there are several ways to cope with their emotions and the disease as well. Lastly, the significance of this study is to encourage these children that their sickness is not a hindrance to them but rather a key to move on in life. Delimitation In order to achieve the objectives of the project, the researchers would gather information about juvenile diabetes and come up with a summary of the topic. The researchers would also go to hospitals such as National Children’s Hospital in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City in schools such as Sacred Heart Academy and Immaculate Conception
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