The Effects of Light and Dark Areas on a Pill Bug's Behavior over Time

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Abstract A two-part study was recently done to show what natural habitat a Pill bug, Armadillidium vulgare, naturally prefers: wet or dry environments along with a light or dark environment. It was hypothesized that a Pill bug would prefer and wet and dark environment based on its natural habitat of soil. For the wet and dry experiment, a coffee filter and soil were placed in each chamber of a double petri dish with one being dampened before being placed in. For the light and dry experiment a light was hung above one chamber of another double-chambered petri dish while the other chamber was covered with aluminum foil, after placing soil in both chambers. An equal number of Pill bugs was placed in each chamber and a study was taken for…show more content…
Once the experiment concluded, a graph was made to show the changes over time of the number of Pill bugs found in each chamber. Wet and Dry Environments To find whether Pill bugs gravitate toward a wet or a dry experiment, two coffee filters were cut to the size of the petri dish and placed inside, however one was dampened before being placed on the bottom. Dirt was then added on top to promote a more realistic environment and five Pill bugs were placed in each side before starting to prevent bias on an environment. A log was taken every thirty (30) seconds for ten (10) minutes on how many bugs were in each chamber and a graph was then made to show the changes of the bugs' positions over time. Again, if a Pill bug was in the transgression tunnel he was determined to be in a dish by the direction he was moving or the way it's head was facing. Results Dark and Light Environment After experimentation occurred it was found that Pill bugs in the double-chamber preferred the light area over dark. The first three minutes followed hypothesized beliefs of the Pill bugs favoring darker environments; it soon showed a predominant change in habitual residence when through minutes five and nine the number of Pill bugs in the chamber with a light bulb above it never came below seven at a time. For fifty percent of the time, there were two Pill bugs in the light chamber for every one Pill bug in the dark (as the table below shows). The statistics

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