The Effects of Malpractice Suits on the Healthcare System Essay

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Uninformed verdicts from medical malpractice law suits and the rising cost of medical malpractice insurance are thought to contribute to the high cost of medical care. This is because they force doctors to practice defensive medicine by ordering extra tests and procedures to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit. The amount spent on these precautions, legal fees, claims, and unlimited damage awards also reflect in the rising cost of medical care which intern is passed down to the patients. Today patients are becoming more litigious because there are many lawyers luring you in, with advertisements geared towards lawsuits for medical malpractice. Most of the time malpractice suits consist of falsified allegations, seen by most people…show more content…
The cost of health care increases further because of the added cost of more expensive software for physicians to prevent malpractice. This heightens the need for more thorough medical records which in turn causes the need for less time with patients. Patients come in with an idea of what the physician is supposed to do in certain cases and once their standards are not met, a malpractice suit ensues. The patient’s idea is defined by what their friends in the same situation have had done for them by health care providers with similar training and experience. These high standards set by patients will result in the patient paying tedious attention to any and everything a physician does in hopes of an opportunity to sue a physician. Sued physicians are more likely to stop seeing certain groups of patients which may include low income or elderly patients subjecting these patients not to have adequate access to competent and caring health care professionals. Malpractice suits affect the physician’s livelihood and the care that they provide for patients. “Malpractice is at the top of the list of major stressors for most physicians” (Chen, 2011). Most medical malpractice suits are seen as irrational and unjust because there are no caps on the damage awards given to the plaintiff by the courts. Most of these suits are based on a small amount of factual evidence and a large amount of falsified evidence. Nevertheless, the plaintiff may recover monetary
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