The Effects of Media on Body Image and Body Dissatisfaction.

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The current study looked to find out whether there were higher numbers of unrealistic adverts in relation to body image in the media than realistic. Also, whether or not there were a higher number of unrealistic adverts in female media in relation to body image than in male media. This was carried out by looking at a number of adverts in different male and female health magazines and scoring the amount of unrealistic or realistic adverts found. The results found that there was no significant difference between the amounts of unrealistic/ realistic adverts on body image in the female magazines compared to the male magazines. On the other hand, the results showed a significant difference between the amount of unrealistic images shown in the…show more content…
The liking and the consumption of red peppers was assessed before and after the experiment. The results showed that the mere exposure based group significantly increased both liking and consumption in contrast to the control group. Therefore suggesting that the mere exposure theory can cause a person to like a certain stimuli more after repeated exposure. [3]
Another study looked at the effects of media images on television and the effects it has on female’s perception of their body image. In this study, the participants were asked how many hours of television they watched a day, then how many of these programmes were ones with characters in that have ‘perfect’ physiques, such as 90210 etc. then the bmi of each participant was taken and was compared with how much television they watched and how much of this television contained media of body images. The results in this study suggested that the media did have an impact on body dissatisfaction. Adolescent girls based their ideal body images on characters on the television that have the ‘perfect skinny’ body image. When the participants questioned their body image after the exposure, it made them feel worse about themselves and strive to have the ‘perfect’ body image. [4]
There also seems to be a lot more media in relation to the ‘perfect’ female body image compared to the male body image. Also, a lot more females seem to be known for having eating disorders in the media than males.
One study showed
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