The Effects of Media on Food Market

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Dieting, in the past few decades, has become a significant part of American culture today. This includes fad dieting, regular utilization of diet products such as Slimfast, and even metabolism altering pills. Ironically, in addition to this aspect of popular American culture today, there is also an obesity epidemic. In reaction to these problems presented, unfortunately, there is also a tremendously skewed ideal body image for those influenced by societal standards. Dieting products (“diet” labeled) only encourage a skewed body image. How does mass production and marketing of diet products influence healthy eating in the United States today? The answer lies within the media codes we accept as reality within marketing and…show more content…
This applies the fat components as well. Supplementation in this case is problematic because neither sugar nor sodium in excess are beneficial to an individual’s health. Sodium, in particular, has some health benefits because it maintains fluidity balance, transition of nerve impulses, and takes part in muscle reaction. In excess, however, it is detrimental to blood volume because of its quality to absorb water, which then makes the heart work harder thus increasing blood pressure (Mayo Clinic Staff). This problem presented in society today, in regards to the food industry, is a huge process in which we are seeing today as a vicious circle. The enriching processing, a process uneducated consumers assume as healthy, is ultimately a factory’s means of breaking down, taking out components, dehydrating, disinfecting, and even radiating food that was, at one time, nutritious. This process makes it cheaper for producers to manufacture foods. For example, specifically looking into meat, the profit ratio per packaged product verses the “refined” grain fed to the animal is outstanding! This process makes meat a lot less nutrition than Americans tend to assume. The lack of nutrition in the foods we, as consumers, purchase create deficiencies, which in turn cause major societal problems mentally and physically. The mental and physical problems inevitably create the need for western medicine, which then oftentimes creates the need for even
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