The Effects of Mulitcultural Management on the Work Environment

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Introduction The management of an organization plays an integral part in determining the direction and performance of the organization. The manner in which the management of an organization is handled has a profound effect on the organization. The success of an organization is dependent upon a flexible and skilled management and workforce. The management of an organization is responsible for shaping up the organizational behavior and ultimately the culture within the organization. Public management faces a multiple of challenges and opportunities, how the management deals with these issues translates to efficiency in management. The personal judgments and skills of public managers can make a significant impact in public management. If…show more content…
Women in the workplace This generation has experienced an unprecedented upsurge in the number of women in the workplace, thus the need to understand diversity. Changes in family structure mean there are no traditional family roles, this shows that the issue of diversity cuts across both gender and race. Legislation Legislation by state and federal arms of government has made discrimination in workplaces illegal. This piece of legislation goes further to stipulate the rights and responsibilities of both the subordinates and their employers in the workplace. This legislation aims to bring sanity in the workplace by ensuring that both groups are accountable. Organizational restructuring Outsourcing and downsizing due to company policy and financial might has caused considerable changes in the structure of the organization. The effect of globalization and advancements in technology has transformed how management practices are being executed. The three-dimensional perspective A working environment is constituted by co-workers and managers,, who operate in the same workplace. The three dimensional approach can be easily linked to the work environment. The three-dimensional approaches constitute of the structure, culture and craft, (Lynn and Hill, 2008). The structure is made up of the supervisors and managers, who are tasked with the responsibility of delegating duties and overseeing projects within the workplace. Culture is mainly represented by an employee or

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