The Effects of Music Downloading

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Klinton Fletcher 4-14-14 Comp II The Effect of Music Downloading on the Music Industry The music industry faces major effects with illegal downloading of music. So many people today are trying to find the cheapest way to get their favorite music, by their favorite artist, so they can listen to them from their phones or mp3 players; therefore, it is reducing the amount of music that will hit the market. There are many new devices and technology that are used to download music illegally that makes it harder on the music industry. Illegal music downloads lower the revenue and profits because they potentially change the structure of the industry. Illegal downloading can affect the artists because they are not getting paid for their talent and songs they have written. The music industry has a problem with advanced technology that is allowing people to obtain music for free. I found that CDs are not the best source of income anymore. CDs are still one of the leaders in the music industry; even passing the increasingly online music downloads. Nevertheless, the sales of CDs have dropped millions and were sold in 2008, which was down almost 20 percent from the previous year, about 84 percent of all album purchases were CDs, and 90 percent the year before that. Music downloading websites have gained a share of the sales for the industry. Since the era of downloads; the music industry has spent millions of dollars to stop illegal downloads. With portable Mp3 players, Mp3
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