The Effects of Nonverbal Cues

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Communication is a vital form of survival for most breathing life forms, including the human population. Communication is defined as a form of symbolic expressions to create meaning. There are two types of communication: verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication is directing messages from one party to another through sound. Nonverbal communication has more depth to it; there is more meaning in its nonverbal gestures such as body language. Albert Mehrabin is a UCLA Professor who developed a rule stating messages sent from one person to another are mostly received through nonverbal forms ("Non Verbal Communication", 2013). Interpersonal relationship relies heavily on nonverbal cues because it is an important factor that builds…show more content…
Eye contact is highly used in the business field in the United States due to showing confidence in the company’s organization. However, it is completely opposite when working in the business world in Asia. Using eye contact to high authority can be considered an offense or an insult. There are other ways miscommunication can happen while working with different cultures. A business company will not succeed working overseas is it does know about that certain culture. The effectiveness of nonverbal communication depends entirely on how it is interpreted and the user’s knowledge of cultural norms. Nonverbal communication maybe misinterpreted throughout countries, it is still a universal language. There are several types of nonverbal deliveries and if used correctly and analyzed thoroughly, it can help create closer bonds with one another. One aspect of appearance is physical appearance itself. “How we appear can be just revealing as how we sound and move” ( Alder & Rodman, 2011). Many companies use celebrities as their spokesperson to advertise a product or event. Nikon, a company highly recognized for their professional cameras, partnered with celebrity Ashton Kutcher to introduce a new series of cameras. Kutcher might not know about the history of their product but during a series of advertisements, he was confident in his appearance as well as the
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