The Effects of Organizational Structure, Culture and Management Style on the Performance of a Business

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The Effects of Organizational Structure, Culture and Management Style on the Performance of a Business

J-Sainsbury's is a hierarchical organisation. The hierarchal structure starts from the Chairman (non-executive) and deputy chairman are at the highest level in the hierarchical and the rest come under them level by level, depending on the job. To reduce communication problems for Sainsbury's they can set up special systems to improve flow of information. One of Sainsbury's aims is to make shopping more quick and effortless for customers. In order to find out how this can be done the marketing and research department has to look into this case. By doing this Sainsbury’s are able to meet their targets.
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Disadvantages would be that all staff would not be able to communicate back to manage in terms that all staff cannot answer back to the decision that has already decided. Also the paths for promotion are less well defined as there are fewer levels compared to hierarchical structure.

Objectives in which Sainsbury’s hope to gain while using the flat organisational structure is that where there is one line of communication between the manager and the operational staff it is easy for work to be done and messages which are important or not that given on time and correctly whether they are written or verbal. The culture in which Sainsbury’s use is power culture which on performance would show that Sainsbury’s has done well in the culture in which they use as the performance of Sainsbury’s has become very well known as they are well known nationwide and the performance of the workshop floor is that of a good standard as all Sainsbury’s restaurants are well organised between the employees on the shop floor as everything runs smoothly.

The disadvantages of this culture for Sainsbury’s are that if there is a miscommunication between the manager and its employees then problems could occur when work is happening. Also employee may get fed up with trying to impress and will be less motivated than if they where treated equally on a level where they are respected and are not
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