Essay on The Effects of Parenting Styles on Child Outcome

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“There is no way in which parents can evade having a determining effect upon their children’s personality, character, and competence” (Baumrind, 1978). It is amazing that children who are raised in completely different environments can go on to possess similar characteristics later in life. But why is this the case? The functions that parents perform greatly influence how children develop. A tremendous amount of research has been done on the effects of parenting styles since 1966 when Diana Baumrind first published her three prototypes of parenting styles, but many parents fail to understand the power they possess in shaping the future lives of their children and the need for a responsible strategy regarding the rearing of their…show more content…
Although most indicative of Western society, these parenting styles have been validated in other countries as well, including Australia, China, and Russia (Hart, et al., 1998; Leung et al., 1998). A large amount of literature published before the 1990s focused on the effects of parenting styles on the outcomes of children, establishing the benefits of the authoritative style as opposed to the negative outcomes generated by the authoritarian and permissive approaches (Demo & Cox, 2000). In essence, the authoritative style is a strategy that sets reasonable rules and guidelines that are in the best interests of the child. These rules supply structure while still allowing the child to explore and begin the process of learning what behaviors are acceptable. The authoritative approach to parenting is considered to be the most balanced style. In this category, children are expected to maintain maturity and respect for the rules and regulations that are set in place. An open dialogue between the parent and the child is encouraged. This allows children to feel independent. Any punishment is reasonable and typically explained to the child so that they understand what it is that they did wrong and why they were punished. This approach to parenting yields many benefits for the child. Children who are products of this approach generally see higher academic achievement during
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