The Effects of Parenting Styles on Children

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There are many ideas and opinions on how to raise children and how to be a “good parent.” Often, parents get advice on how to parent from their own parents, from their close friends, and even experts. There are three main types of parenting styles: authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, and authoritative parenting. Authoritative parenting is a parenting style characterized by strict rules, harsh punishments and little warmth. Permissive parenting is characterized by parents who are responsive to their children, but lack rules and discipline. Authoritative parenting is characterized by parents who hold high expectations and set clear guidelines, but are responsive and loving to their children. Parenting styles determine the…show more content…
A disadvantage when researching the effect that parenting styles have on child behaviour is that some parents may deny that the result of their child's behaviour is due to their parenting style. It could also offend some parents if it were said, for example, that their child is unhappy and aggressive because of their authoritarian parenting style. Although surveys and observations have been done on this subject, and that there is research to prove that parenting styles do have an effect on a child's behaviour, everyone always has their own opinions, and may not agree with this research.

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