Essay about The Effects of Placenta Previa

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The opportunity to bring life into the world is a priceless moment, and for that to be threatened by a disease; such as Placenta Previa, is heartbreaking. Placenta previa is commonly described as the imbedding of the placenta over or close to the cervix. According to the Permanente Medical Group, during a normal pregnancy the placenta forms at the top part of the uterus far from the cervix. However in placenta previa, the placenta tends to attach to the lower section of the uterus either covering or partially over the cervix, making it almost impossible for a normal delivery (vaginal birth) to take place (Placenta Previa). Placenta previa complicates about 1 in every 200 deliveries and is one of the top leading causes of vaginal bleedings…show more content…
Since reducing these actions from acting is at an all-time low in today’s society, doctors has come up with alternative treatment to make the process as comfortable as possible, such as bed rest. Bed rest, is two words women try to avoid during a pregnancy because it either means something can go horribly wrong or it is headed in that direction. For placenta previa, this fact still remains true. Doctors have come to the conclusion that this complication can be manageable with a little R&R (relaxation and rest), which is why they suggest bed rest. Bed rest can vary throughout the pregnancy when situation tend to change, and in this case the amount of blood you have loss. If during placenta previa and you have mild blood loss you will be required to bed on bed rest at home for approximately 1 to 2 weeks, depending on what your doctor thinks is appropriate, before you can return to your normal day to day activities. If bleeding shall continue or you are anemic at any time during this high risk pregnancy you can be on in-hospital bed rest to the end of your pregnancy. This will be the case so the doctors can keep a close eye on mother and baby, give them supplements with iron and vitamin C, along with blood transfusions so the mother will be able to carry the baby as far as possible (Child Birth Solutions). This brings
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