The Effects of Play Activity on the Holistic Development of a Child

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Introduction I am require to review a play activity that I used my observational skills to plan for. I decided to do indoor art activity, which was making a Robin. Children by doing this activity may learn the textures and colours, and they will use a hand and eye co-ordination. The Intellectual, Physical, Language, social and emotional observations allows the adult to find out what children understand, how they think, what they are able to do, and interests are. This information helps the adult to build rich stories of children as capable and competent learners in order to support further activities and development. In doing this, observation gave me information to give on-going feedback to children about how they are getting on in…show more content…
Implementation * Cut out circular shape, can trace it from e.g. circular plate, use compass or top of circular stool * Get glue of brown sugar papers * Draw a line for the breast curve the line to make him/her more 3D * Start with bottom section, use watered dawn glue. Stick on chosen colours of tissue paper , I used pink & purple, every child could choose any colour what they like. * Place tissue down on circular cut out shape and brush over with watery glue to stick- cover all this area. * For face/ layer brown sugar paper * Tear the sugar paper into small strips, then starting put a row of glue down and start to stick a row of sugar paper. * Next layer another raw of brown sugar paper on top of this one- keep going until you reach top of head * Depending on the ages- either use googly eyes or cut eyes,legs and beak from sugar paper . (My group was suitable for cutting eyes, legs and beak) Evaluation My play activity take ma a one and half hour. I think that children had a great time with doing a robin because they didn’t lose their interest and I know that children by the age of three enjoy of all above, cutting out, painting , sticking and playing with other in my case was working in the group. I learn more about supervising children during an activity and now I know how to make children interested in something. Children
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