The Effects of Poor Leadership in Business Management Essay

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Abstract The subject of this paper concerns the effects of poor leadership in business management. Research methods included Leadership Excellence, Corporate Governance, Leadership Styles, Journal of Knowledge Management, Oxford Dictionary Online, Information & Management, OhioLink sources. Emphasis will relate to Steven Berglas (2009) on victims of success. Findings are in agreement with Patricia Hind, Andrew Wilson, and Gilbert Lenssen (2009) Developing leaders for sustainable business; and Victor Newman & Kazem Chaharbaghi (2000) The study and practice of leadership, and Norma Sutcliffe (1999) Leadership behavior and business process reengineering (BPR) outcomes: An empirical analysis of 30 BPR projects. It may be concluded that…show more content…
276). Laissez-Faire leaders engage in very little decision making leaving it to the group to decide (Leadership Styles, 1997, p.2 & Sutcliffe, 1999, p.276). Leadership styles help determine which style is best for leaders’ personalities, therefore, leaders are certain about which style to claim for his or her leadership role. Without proper leadership successful businesses will decline. According to Oxford Dictionary online (2010), a leader is: a person or thing that leads, a person or thing that is most successful or advanced in a particular area, the principal player in a music group, a leading article in a newspaper, a member of the government officially responsible for initiating business in Parliament, and a short strip of non-functioning material at each end of a reel of film or recording tape for connection to a spool. In regard to, “The Effects of poor Leadership in Business Management”, definition two relates best. Without followers leadership does not exist (Newman & Chaharbaghi, 2000, p. 64). Not every individual is good for leadership. Leaders are needed for organization development, prioritizing responsibilities, and maintaining success. Developing strong leadership skills requires dedication and creativity. Dedication inspires the individuals’ creativity in developing unique and professional leadership skills. For example, techniques that work for some individuals may not work for all, so strong leaders create
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