The Effects of Poverty on Children Essay

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When analyzing children growing up in poverty a lot of factors come into play such as their physical, psychological and emotional development. To grow up in poverty can have long term effect on a child. What should be emphasized in analyzing the effects of poverty on children is how it has caused many children around the world to suffer from physical disorders, malnutrition, and even diminishes their capacities to function in society. Poverty has played a major role in the functioning of families and the level of social and emotional competency that children are able to reach. Children in poverty stricken families are exposed to greater and emotional risks and stress level factors. They are even capable of understanding and dealing with …show more content…
The psychological health of children around the world is detrimental to their abilities to cope, succeed and be able to function normally within social settings. According to Evans and Shamberg ( 2009), “Chronically elevated physiological stress is a plausible model for how poverty could get into the brain and eventually interfere with achievement” (p. 6545- 6549). Children residing in poverty stricken neighborhoods and families tend to experience environmental stressors as well as physical stressors such as educational setbacks, lack of resources and physical demands that are not being met. These stressors can cause a problem in the psychological health of children because of the need to continually adjust to changes and setbacks that stem from poverty. Chronic stress stemming from poverty can cause a setback in the working memory of young adults and decrease the ability for them to store long term information, critically think, comprehend, write and read ( Evans & Shamberg, 2009, p. 6545-6549). Working memory allows individuals to temporarily store information over a certain amount of time and then manipulate that information in order to critically think and produce more ideas and thoughts. Working memory is crucial to a child’s development because it helps them store information for the long term, practice critical thinking
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