The Effects of Schizophrenia on the Family

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The Effects of Schizophrenia on the Family First off I would like to tell you what exactly schizophrenia is. Schizophrenia is a brain disease, with concrete and specific symptoms due to physical and biochemical changes in the brain. This illness strikes young people in their prime age usually between 16 and 25. Schizophrenia is almost always treatable with medication. Contrary to what most think schizophrenia is not a "split personality", or caused by childhood trauma, bad parenting, or poverty, and not the result of any action or personal failure by the individual.(3) Now with a little knowledge about this disease I would like to tell you about how this illness can affect a family that is exposed to it. Schizophrenia disturbs…show more content…
When this happened to a love one it doesn 't just happen to that person but it in way happens to the whole family itself. Doctor appointments are not just meant for the one with schizophrenia, but for the family has a whole. The entire family must intake in the appointment so that everyone is aware what is happening and what to expect next. Family members must learn about the medications and how to administrate them when the person is in the home. Knowing the dosage and times that the medication is to be taken not only help administrate it better but also helps the person who is ill by helping them keep it all organized.(2) Family routines are changed greatly do the fact that person that affect by schizophrenia now need some type of structure now more than ever. Making a simple and stress less routine allows the person time to relax and have time alone each day. Family might have to have more low-key regular daily activities and less "big events" routines, the less the person has to stress over the better the person will be.(2) By keep a house that is quiet and calm also helps the person with schizophrenia. Family members have to change talking habits and remember that chaos only make the only makes the ill person more likely to see a relapse. It generally helps to keep voices a low level and when specking with the ill person to remember to talk one person at a time and at a reasonable pace. Family members also need to learn to be positive and
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