The Effects of Screen Time on the Brain

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Don’t watch too much TV it will fry your brain! We have all heard that phrase some time in our lives, but is it really true? The answer is yes TV does cause negative effects on the brain as well as the body. My paper will address the problem of too much screen time on the brain and how it causes health problems. If the amount of time spent in front of a screen is related to brain problems, then regulating the amount of time spent in front of screens will decrease brain damage because the most common cause for brain damage is due to low levels of well-being, limiting the amount of screen time can help reduce brain damage, and too much screen time can also cause obesity. The most common cause of brain damage is due to low levels of well-being which can be caused by too much screen time. Healthy levels of well-being vary depending on the person’s age “tending to fall a little in the mid-teenage years, then again at midlife, and finally among the oldest old” (Medical News Today Quote 1). Healthy levels of well-being are highest when the person spends less than an hour a day in front of a screen. Unhealthy levels of well-being on the other hand can cause “the release of dopamine, a chemical that contributes to learning and concentration. As a result, our brains may become desensitized to the effects of normal levels of dopamine, making it hard to concentrate and focus on non-screen-based stimuli” (Medical News Today Quote 2). Medical News Today has 5 things that you can do to…
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