The Effects of Slavery on Our Society Essay

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“Slavery is an institution for converting men into monkeys.” What if all our rights were stripped from us when we wake up tomorrow? Slavery is something many of us can hardly imagine. Being bought and sold like a savage, getting treated like property, unprotected from slander and insults, being denied the basic rights of humanity, and being systematically subdued by society to think that you are no better than the dirtiest animals that live on the earth. Bread to work long grueling days, slaves lead a life facilitated to them by masters that regarded them no higher than the dirt on the ground. The evils caused by slavery were not just inflicted upon the slaves; these evils put our country’s social and political atmosphere in a vice for…show more content…
A slave’s curiosity is ignored; his mental thirst is only quenched by insults and demands of strenuous physical tasks. Slave masters want the slave as mentally and intellectually ignorant so that their manipulation is that much easier. At its core, one of slavery’s chief objectives is to keep the slave mentally immature. (Channing pg. 34) One of the easiest ways to keep a slave ignorant and mentally immature is to deny them an education. Slavery and knowledge cannot coexist in any way. Knowledge is purely to the detriment of the institution of slavery. Slave masters knew that to truly keep the slaves under their control, they must not learn anything that didn’t come from the slave hands. The ignorance of the slaves is to the security of the slave masters; to enlighten the slave is to break his chains. (Channing pg. 67) The mental blocks set upon slaves by slave masters and the atmosphere brought on by the institution of slavery was the biggest chain the slaves were ever locked in.
The most obvious and blatant violation of slavery is its violation of universal morality. Slavery tells one man that he is better than his counterpart just because he is lighter than him. Slavery completely obliterates the proper view and consciousness of a man. Slaves are told what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done because slave owners see the slaves as mistakes by nature. Slavery tells the slave that he was a mistake and can be bought and sold like
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