The Effects of Slavery on Our Society Essay

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“Slavery is an institution for converting men into monkeys.” What if all our rights were stripped from us when we wake up tomorrow? Slavery is something many of us can hardly imagine. Being bought and sold like a savage, getting treated like property, unprotected from slander and insults, being denied the basic rights of humanity, and being systematically subdued by society to think that you are no better than the dirtiest animals that live on the earth. Bread to work long grueling days, slaves lead a life facilitated to them by masters that regarded them no higher than the dirt on the ground. The evils caused by slavery were not just inflicted upon the slaves; these evils put our country’s social and political atmosphere in a vice for quite sometime. The effects were not immediately visible, but they were extremely severe and detrimental. The effects of slavery created a culture that promoted racial supremacy and the systematic oppression of a race. The evils of slavery had many different effects on many different aspects of life; but, none more evident than slavery’s evil effects on the intellectual state of the enslaved and slave master, the morality of the slave master, and the political and social atmosphere of our country.
There is a reason why, specifically in the black community, education is regarded as one of the most important things we should strive to attain. The development of mental wellness and strength are what allows us to all be unique, strong, and…