The Effects of Slavery on the African-American Family Structure

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Effects of Slavery on the African American Family Structure

Slavery had an immense impact on African American families, as the familial dynamic of the African American family was in many ways responsible for the stereotypes surrounding black families in the present moment. Not only were families the sole property of their slave owner, but there were laws restricting their rights and privileges. However, despite the fact that the African American slave family existed in a perpetually tumultuous state, there were cohesive slave families, but they faced many struggles and challenges. In particular, black women were faced with incredible hardships with regard to sustaining the familial structure. This paper explores aspects of the African American family structure during slavery, considering the effect that slavery had on black women. The legacy of slavery in the present moment is also considered, in addition to whether slavery continues to exist. African American slave families were faced with hardships that white families simply did not have to consider. Most notably, the African American slave family had to constantly deal with the fact that their family was subject to change. They could not reasonably plan for the future since they had no way of knowing how long they would be likely to remain on a particular property. Moreover, the family itself did not hold any autonomy with regard to maintaining the family.
The dynamic between slave owners and their families is
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