The Effects of Social Media

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Social Media Most people determine social media valuable to their lives; however the manifestation of it is the loss of physical communication skills. Sherry Turkle, a clinical psychologist of MIT, strongly argues how social media are causing a loss of real human connection. Turkle explained the difference between texting and face to face conversation clearly they have a very distinct range. Texting has no emotion or feeling toward the person reading them. In the second half of the article, she raised the issue of young children have their cell phones at an early age, and parents are more concerning when their children are not around. Parents take full control the aspect of their children’s life by texting those so many times a day. As a result, children often experience they have less privacy as they require. Turkle also complains that the adults have not taught “the sense of privacy” formally to the young people because they prefer to share the identities on Facebook without realizing it can be the issue later. She implies the only solution to respond the issue is the voluntary self-conscious decision of any individuals should value their privacy. Turkle attacks on social media are transforming our views of ourselves and the way we interact socially. She creates strong arguments about student’s attention alert in the classroom and less people concern about their privacy have together persuaded me to agree with her rhetoric. However, I also think Turkle does not positively

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